Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

How do VillaNERI path lights work?

The path lights are quick connect smart lights that can connect to an outlet. With cable pre-wiring and at the right spacing, you can connect them together in just a few minutes. You can control the path lights with BlueTooth and Wi-Fi. You can also integrate them with a compatible Smart Home System.


Do my path lights require batteries?

No, our path lights do not require batteries. Instead, power wires that connect to a house's wall outlet will suffice.


Are the VillaNERI path lights solar?

For the efficiency and safety requirements of these lights the VillaNERI path lights work without solar energy.


Can I control the dimming on my VillaNERI path lights?

The VillaNERI path lights can be dimmed individually, in groups, or by a timer using the VillaNERI App or the compatible Smart Home System. You can even set a different scenario for the different times of day or week.

Are there any additional fees involved?

Our path lights will operate to full use without the need of any additional fees or subscriptions.


What is the lifetime of my path lights?

The product has 2 years of full warranty including the LED source. Since the quality of the product is commercial rated we expect 20 years of life. 





Do I have to turn off the power in my house before installing my path lights?

No. You can safely install your path lights without having to power off your house. You have to install all of the quick connector system and, only after doing so, connect them to the outlet with GFCI. 


Will I have to purchase anything at a hardware store in order to install my path light?

No, you do not need cables, screws, or a photo-sensor. If you need a spike for installing your path light you can order it from our website.


Which tools will I need for installation?

The installation is tool free. Only when you have to fasten the flange to a surface is when you will have to use a screwdriver or drill.


Can the cable and connector be on a wet surface?

The cables and the connector are rated for “wet locations”. You need to make sure that they are properly connected. They do not have a problem in the grass or any pavior but they cannot be installed while submerged in water.


Do I have to bury the cable?

This product is not a low voltage product. The cable cannot be buried in the ground. Check the code of your area for mode info.


Do I need a photo-sensor for sunrise and sunset?

No. The VillaNERI path lights, when connected with Wi-Fi, can be set up to automatically turn on/off depending on your location’s sunrise and sunset.





What version of IPhone, IPad, or Android will I need for the mobile version of the app?

iOS 12+


Is my path light compatible with Blackberry devices?

No, it is not.


Does my path light work with multiple users?

VillaNERI App works with a single account. You can use the same account on a second device to access the path light via cloud. If the Smart Home System allows it, you can use multiple users.


How do I connect my path lights via Wi-Fi?

When connecting your gateway path light (you can tell it apart from the other standard path lights by looking at the yellow tag on the cable) to your smart device via bluetooth, the app will prompt you to input the Wi-Fi password of your home. Once you input the correct password, you will be connected.


How do I connect my path lights via Bluetooth?

Move near the path light, open the VillaNeri App and tap the top right “mode button” to switch in Bluetooth mode.





Can my path light withstand the elements (extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow)?

Yes, the VillaNERI path lights are made to withstand all of the different types of weather.


Does my path light support WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)?



Do my path lights support Bluetooth?

Yes. VillaNERI path lights supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


Do I need a static IP from my internet service provider?



Would I be able to assign a static IP to my path light?






Will I be charged on order or when my path light ships?

You will be charged on order. 


Is there a warranty on my path lights?

There is a 2 year limited warranty on every VillaNERI path light. 


Will I receive an invoice for my path light?

After the payment you will receive a receipt for the path light. If you need any specific documentation please contact us at


Can I pay through PayPal?

Yes, you can.


Does NERI do door-to-door sales?

No. VillaNERI does not have a door-to-door sales team. If you are interested in ordering a VillaNERI product please go to to make your purchase. In the event someone comes to your door posing as a VillaNERI salesperson, please do not engage with them and be mindful of your own personal safety.




Do my path lights need to be attached to the computer during the setup process?

No. VillaNERI path lights are set up wirelessly via the VillaNERI app on your smart device.


Where can I download the VillaNERI app?

You can click on the links below and they will send you to the app store or google play store where you can find the download link for the VillaNERI app.


For Apple:


For Android: