General Limited Warranty

The limited warranty is issued by NERI North America North America solely. This warranty is neither transferable nor assignable to third parties.

This warranty is the sole warranty issued by NERI North America in relation to its products. In no case shall any other representation or warranty of third parties be binding on NERI North America

NERI North America guarantees the absence of defects and the performance of its products solely and exclusively on condition that the products are used in accordance with their intended uses, destinations and applications, as expressly indicated by Neri North America in the product’s instruction manual and/or in their datasheet.

The product warranty lasts for 2 years (24 months) as of the date of purchasing.

Any claim must be communicated in writing email to or send mail to:

VillaNERI (Brand of NERI North America)

1547 NW 79th ave

Miami FL 33134

Within and no later than 15 days from the discovery and/or the occurrence of the defect, failing to do so will result in the lapse of the warranty and in warranty rights being time-barred. The customer must provide NERI North America also with a copy of the purchase invoice or receive, a description of the fault (if possible accompanied by photos of the defect) and the indication of the number of defective products.

In case Neri North America ascertains that the products are actually defective, Neri North America shall repair of replace, at its discretion, the defective product/s within a reasonable time of receiving the claim.

The return of any defective products shall be accepted by Neri North America only if authorized beforehand in writing. Said products must be correctly sent, suitably packed and sent by prepaid shipment.

The warranty does not cover any other expenses incurred by the purchaser as a consequence of product defect. For exemplification purposes only, Neri North America shall not take on the cost for collecting the defective products at their place of installation (dismantling costs included) nor shall it bear the shipping cost for delivering the repaired or replacing products to the purchaser.

This warranty does not apply if the defect is not directly attributable to Neri North America including, without limitation, all cases where the defect has been caused by :
• damages occurred during transportation (scratches, dents, faults, etc.);

This warranty is in substitution for, and excludes, any other warranty, express or implied, set forth by the law or otherwise, and therefore the above remedies are the sole warranty rights and remedies granted to the purchaser. Any other liability of Neri North America, which may in any way arise from or in relation to the supply of defective products, both in contract and in tort, is expressly excluded.

In particular, the purchaser shall not be entitled to claim the reimbursement of any damage nor shall it be entitled to claim price reductions or to terminate the sale contract. Under no circumstances shall Neri North America be liable for indirect or consequential damages or loss of profits.

Neri North America reserves the right to discontinue and/or modify any of the products in the catalogue, without prior notification, for the purpose of improving products and/or for marketing and/or production purposes.

Neri North America shall not be liable for any damage which, directly or indirectly, may arise out of failure to observe all instructions included in the operation manual or in leaflets and catalogues pertaining, in particular, the warnings relating to the assembly, installation, use and maintenance of the product, and/or as a consequence of any product’s use that does not comply with the diligence required by the nature of the product itself.

The court having jurisdiction shall be exclusively the court of Miami with the express exclusion of any other court.